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Monday, 6 August 2018

Changes In Navratri Vacation Dates Due To Protests In School Colleges

Changes in Navratri vacation dates due to protests in school colleges
When there is a controversy over the decision of Navratri vacation in Gujarat's schools and colleges, the Education Minister has announced to change the date of the Navratri vacation. Vacation was announced from October 15 to 21, now the vacation has been announced from October 10 to 17.
Keeping in mind the unimaginable enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the people of the state, Chief Minister Vijay Rupari has consulted with the education department and clarified that the decision has been taken for the Navratri vacation, the Education Minister said that on 10th October, on Nov. 10, October 18th, the Navratri vacation will remain on October 17 and due to this Diwali vacation 7 The day will be cut, ie before Diwali
Earlier, for the Navratri announcement, for the purpose of celebrating Navratri, the leave was actually three days ie 15, 16 and 17 October and on 18th May there is no garba on Dussehra and on Sundays on October 21, why after the death of Navratri on October 19-20 The dispute arose because of the leave. The Minister of Education has said that the decision to vacate Loklagni has been decided to give a youthful devotion to the youth including the people of Navratri State, which will not reduce the working days of the academic session and this decision of vacation will be decided by Government Grants-in-Aid, Gujarat Government Secondary Grants-in-Aid, Non Governmental All non-grants will be applicable to secondary and higher secondary schools.

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