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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Banks will remain closed for 5 consecutive days, work quickly

Banks will remain closed for 5 consecutive days, work quickly

NEW DELHI: If you are going to ATM to withdraw money every day, then get the money off of your work. Because next month the banks will not stay for two days but for five consecutive days. In fact, there will be problems in banks and currencies in the beginning of the month ie early September, if any funds can not be transferred. If you spend five days, then arrange your money in advance. Otherwise, you can fall into gloom.

Banks will remain closed for five consecutive days in September. The bank will be closed on 1 September on Saturday and 2 Sunday. On September 3rd, due to Janmashtami many banks across the country will have a bank. The Reserve Bank of India employees will be on strike on September 4 and 5. Due to the strike, the RBI will not be able to provide bank guarantee and any kind of payment. Let us tell you that the closure of banks for five days is suspected to be impacting the clearing of the Arab currency. This will stop working of businessmen, as well as work in the government treasury.

RBI employee is doing the
job, updating pension for people under a fund based fund for demand of strike workers and giving benefit to CPF / higher provident fund for designated employees after 2012. Let me tell you that they have been given consolation since the government so far. Due to which employees are getting increasingly resentful. On the other hand, the problems of the central government are increasing.

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