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Saturday, 28 July 2018



The most vital thing is that we ought to have "flexibility of thought." This isn't as simple as it sounds, for everybody likes to have this opportunity for himself, however isn't prepared to offer it to others when they express unique feelings.

This is especially the situation when the distinctions of supposition emerge on such essential issues as religion or legislative issues'. However, in the event that we decline to give other individuals a chance to hold their assessments on these issues, and exceptionally on the off chance that we endeavor to compel them to acknowledge our own, advance is unthinkable. In the event that everybody continued reasoning an indistinguishable things from his predecessors figured, advance would arrive at an end in light of the fact that, as the Buddha said. "What a man supposes he moves toward becoming".

So in the event that we think precisely what our ancestors figured, we will stay in the Condition in which they were. Our idea depends an incredible arrangement upon what we read and what we discuss. Along these lines, in the event that we need to think new thoughts,we must endeavor to consider all sides of the subject that precedes us, and not be content just with what we read in daily papers or what others sa

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