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Monday, 7 May 2018

Digital Gujrat Online Application Registration Details Information

 Are you looking for Digital Gujrat or Something like How to register or Register in Digital Gujrat Portal? So, you are in right location to obtain the very best details for Digital India. Before, once the official services portal was started, people were still required to visit nearby Jan Seva Kendra to verify their credentials before being registered. People of Gujarat would soon be able to avail a range of government services through their smartphones and tablets, together with the state government deciding to start a mobile application as well.

Digital Gujrat Online Application Registration Details Information

Digital Gujrat Online Application Registration Details Information The Gujarat government has launched the Digital Gujrat Common Services Portal and Digital Gujrat mobile android application app Digital Gujarat.
Digital Gujrat Common Services Portal provides 33 online services to citizen of Gujrat if you agree for registration so can online apply application and registration for 33 services with adhaar number, date of birth, mobile number, e-mail id, chose your password.

33 Online Government Services Jan Seva Kendra Provides One-Stop Solutions Online E – Transactions Digital Gujrat At

  1. STEP 1 – Go To Digital Gujrat Official Website Go
  2. STEP 2 – Chose Your Location
  3. STEP 3 – Select Services Option
  4. STEP 4 – Click on Digital Gujrat Registration
  5. STEP 5 – Online Registration Provide Your Information
  6. STEP 6 – Save
Then After You Can Provide All Your True Information and go to ATVT Center For Verification Your Document. You Should Receive Your Certificate By Post. More Official Information is on his official Website to go to official website and read the instruction carefully. You are connected to his toll-free number. we are providing this information is our experience so stay connect with us

Digital Gujrat At Common Service Center Online Application Registration Details33 Online Government Services Jan Seva Kendra Provides As Above Online Services

  • Category
  • Certificates
  • Ration Card
  • Renewal
  • Senior Citizen
  • Caste Certificate
  • Other Services
  • Panchayat
  • E-Jamin
  • Online Application and Registration Given Below Services Details Information
  • Online Service English (Gujarati Language)
  • Application for New Ration Card (Resan kard)
  • Application for Separate Ration Card (Resan kard)
  • Application for Duplicate Ration Card (Dubliket Resan kard)
  • Application for Ration Card Member guardian (Resan kard)
  • Domicile Certificate (domisail sartificat)
  • Senior Citizen Certificate (siniyar citijan sartifiket)
  • Character Certificate (chal chalgat jo dakhlo)
  • Religious Minority Certificate (laghumati jati no dakhlo)
  • Widow Certificate (vidhva dakhlo)
  • Economically Backward Certificate(Other than Job/Education Purpose) (EBC Certificate)
  • Non-Creamy layer Certificate For Gujarat Government (non krimileyar certificate)
  • Addition of Name in Ration Card (resan card ma nam umervu)
  • Removal of Name from Ration Card (resan card ma nam kami karvu)
  • Change in Ration Card (resan kard badlvu)
  • Religious Minority Certificate (Panchayat) (laghumati jati no dakhlo)
  • Widow Certificate (Panchayat) (vidhva dakhlo)
  • SC/ST Caste Certificate (Panchayat) (sc st no dakhlo)
  • Non-Creamy layer Certificate For Central Government (non krimileyar certificate)
  • Unreserved Economically Weaker Sections(For Job/Education Purpose) (UEWS)
  • Income Certificate (aavak no dakhlo)
  • Farmer Certificate (khedut nondhni patra)
  • SEBC Certificate (SEBC Certificat)
  • Socially & Educationally Backward Class Certificate (SEBC)
  • SC/ST Caste Certificate (sc st no dakhlo)
  • Application for Varsai Certificate (varsai pramanpatra)
  • Renewal of arms licence for crop protection (hathiyar parvano)
  • Cinema licence (manoranjan pramanpatra)
  • Economically Backward Certificate(Panchayat)(Other than Job/Education Purpose)(EBC)
  • Income certificate (Panchayat) (aavak no dakhlo)
  • VF6 ENTRY DETAILS (khedut khata 6 dakhlo)
  • VF7 SURVEY NO DETILS (khedut khata 7 dakhlo)
  • VF8A KHATA DETAILS (khedut khata 8a dakhlo)
  • Electricity Bill Payment(vidyut bill)
  • Nomad-Denotified Caste Certificate(NDC)
  • Non-Creamy layer Certificate For Gujarat Government (Panchayat)
  • SEBC Certificate (Panchayat)(SEBC Pramnpatra)
  • Socially & Educationally Backward Class Certificate(samajik ane saikshanikrite pachat varg pramanpatr)
  • Note: For any technical queries, Contact Helpdesk No. 18002335500
  • Digital Gujrat Online Scholarship Details-2018
  • Organisation: Digital Gujrat Portal (Tribal Development Department)
  1. Scholarship Name: Post Matric Scholarship 2017-18
  2. Applicable For: Gujarat State bonafide students, studying within state or outside state, within India
  3. Applicable State: Gujarat
  4. Application Deadline: 15th December 2017
Source Digital Gujrat so go to Official Information and Available Services onOfficial website

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