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Friday, 20 April 2018

Your kids are spying more than 3,000 app....

Your kids are spying more than 3,000 apps
New Delhi Parents giving mobile to children should be careful because they are stealing their information. In a recent report, it has been claimed that more than 3,000 apps on Google Play Store are keeping an eye on your children’s activities.

These apps are keeping an eye on the online activities of your children and also collecting data related to them. Through the automated testing process, the researchers found that there are about 3,337 apps on the Google Play Store, which are collecting data related to children. Are there. These are related to Apes family or children.

It is reported in the report that keeping track of their children is a violation of the COPPA rule. Under this rule, it is forbidden to enter data of children under 13 years of age. COPPA’s full name is ‘Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule’.

But ignoring the fact, over 3000 thousand apps are stealing children’s data on Google Play Store. In the report, the researchers tested a total of 5855 applications, with some surprising figures coming out. 256 Apps are collecting information about their contacts and location without users’ permission.

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