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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Uncredictable Trick to Use 2 Numbers from a Sim

Uncredictable Trick to Use 2 Numbers from a Sim

Today, when you see people around you, most of them will have a dual sim mobile phone or they will have 2 phones because every person wants to have 2 mobile numbers nowadays. The one that talks to the girlfriends and the other is her personal number, which she uses only in her professonal work.

So if you have a phone with two sim, then it is fine but if not, then you will have to take another phone. I have a trick that allows you to use 2 phone numbers from the same sim. Now if you do not have a dual sim phone and you do not want to take a new phone then there is a trick through which you can use your Single Sim mobile phone Can use dual sim
Now you can use two numbers through a SIM.

You do not need to do anything more for this trick. Just a little more work done and your single sim phone duel number So let’s just tell you what you have to do?

For this trick you first have to install an application from google playstore in your mobile. The name of this application is a textual app. This application will be available for free on Google playstore.
How do I use textmi?

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