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Thursday, 19 April 2018

The unique app made by Google, will be able to sit at home, anywhere in the World

The unique app made by Google, will be able to sit at home, anywhere in the world
Using Google Earth VR’s new feature, people can choose their favorite places

New Delhi (JnN). Now sitting in the house, you can see not only the many famous places of the world, but also feel the presence there. If you need to get this unique feeling, then just VR headset. Yes, there is a new feature in the Google Earth Virtual Reality, through which the users can realize the VR headset wherever they are not present. The company has claimed that through this you can experience flying in 3D. Using the new meaning of Google Earth VR, people can choose their favorite place, but for that the user knows the location or name of that place.

Google Earth VR product manager said in a blog that people are more interested in knowing about places they are loved by. Whether it is a childhood home or a favorite place to celebrate

Kim said, for this, the user will have to enter the name of the location of which he wants to go through the 3D headset. Google Earth can also be made available to 27 select locations available on VR. These include Argentina’s Perito Moreno and South Africa’s Table Mountain.

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