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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Preparation of closure of 2000 notes to stop black Marketing..

Preparation of closure of 2000 notes to stop black marketing

Raipur (JnN). After the ban, a big note is being prepared to stop the black market in the market once again. Banking sources say that these days the notes of 2000 have ceased to come in banks. However, these notes are being taken by the banks. Also, only those notes of 2000 are being collected, which have been running in the market for last one and a half years.

Bank officials say that in connection with the closure of the note, they have not received any official order in any way, so they are unable to say anything. 500, 100 and 200 rupees notes are currently being received from the ATM. Most ATMs are now getting 500 notes.

There is also a buzz in the market that the big notes of 2000 can be removed once again to curb black marketing, so efforts have already been initiated and banks also have undeclared instructions.

New notes not coming from four months

Banking sources say that the new notes of 2000 have ceased to come from the past four months. Banks are coming more than 500 and 200 notes these days. Although 2000 notes are available from the banks, but the ATMs have stopped getting these notes.
Emphasis on online cash transactions

Banks also have clear instructions that these days consumers should be motivated to stress online transactions. This will prevent a lot from doing wrong things.

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