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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Aa Application TamarA Phone Ma Hoy To Hamna J Dur Karo.

Aa application TamarA phone ma hoy to hamna j dur karo.

This Application Is Being Spied On Your Whatsapp, If You Are In The Phone Today Uninstall

New Delhi: Messenger App whatsapp Spying App has been informed. People around the world, including India, are the Koreos user and their undercover app is being addressed to the public.

According to an English website, ChatWatch, an app that spies all the security of Whats WhatsApp. This app can get information about online or offline status on WhatsApp.

This information is provided on the website, use chatwatch to monitor your online, offline and offline activity of friends, family and employees, even when their The last scene is hydrated.

According to the information provided on the website of the AAP, you know when he sleeps, how many hours of sleep ... compare the chat patterns of people you know to.

And we will use his artificial intelligence to tell you about those possibilities when chatting with them during the day. According to one website, chatwatch seems to show its work within 24 hours.

If it is in the App Store, you will have to shell out Rs 140 for its Android app in India.

However, the company has removed it from the market. It is said that Apple has removed it from the App Store.

The website has claimed that it is working on the web version of the app and it can be launched from April 1st.

Let's say that the good information related to WhatsApp is also coming to the user. Company is paired with a new Feature App.

Through which the data of Android, IOS and Windows can be easily transferred to a new number. Feature's name is 'Change Number'. It's currently available on the beta version.

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